Living Japanese Traditional Culture, Arts and Crafts
“Dento - Mirai - Juku”
[This is a seminar and studio tour program of
living Japanese traditional culture, arts and crafts]

update:August 13th,2005

1st Seminar : Thursday 16th June, 2005 10:20〜12:00
The Theme:“The World of Japanese Incense”
Lecturer: Masataka HATA  (President and CEO, Syoeido Incense co.,Ltd) 
Location: Syoeido Incence co.,Ltd (Karasuma-Ebisigawa, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto )
Access: Karasuma-line, Subway
”Marutamachi” Station, exit No.7, 5 minutes walk
 Shoeido is the oldest and most famous incense company in Japan. It was established in 1705, so it’s now celebrating its 300th year. First Mr.Hata, the 12th owner of the company, will give a lecture on the culture of Japanese incense.
You will then be given a guided tour of the studio where you will be able to learn and see first-hand, how the incense is manufactured. After the tour, we will go to a showroom, where Mr. Hata will speak more on the deep cultural significance of incense in Japanese society.
This tour should give you an insight into traditional Japanese incense culture.

2nd Seminar : Thursday 14th July, 2005 14:20〜16:00
The Theme:“The World of Textile of Kawashima”
Lecturer: Kyoko Itoh  (Curator of Kawashima Textile Museum) 
Location: Kawashima Textile Museum (Ichihara-cho, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku Kyoto)
Access: Eizan-Dentetsu-Kurama-line,
”Ichihara” Station, 10 minutes walk
 Kawashima Textile Manufacturers Ltd. was established in 1843 as a Kimono shop by Jinbei Kawashima (the company's founder). In 1886, Jinbei Kawashima U visited Europe to study fabric, and installed the Jacquard machine in the plant. Since them, they have been making the finest quarity fabrics for interiors and fanitures, ets. In 1984, The Kawashima Textile Museum was built to commemorate Kawashima's 140th anniversary.
The "Kawashima Collection", housed in the museum, numbers around 80,000 pieces ranging from ancient Egyptian fabrics to contemporary textiles and includes historical examples of dyeing, weaving and embroidery.
This seminar will introduce you to the world of global weaving arts, and especially Japan's finest weaving techonorogy.

3rd Seminar : Thursday 15th September, 2005 10:20〜12:00
The Theme:“The World of Kimono & A Traditional Kyoto Residence”
Lecturer: Eiichiro KAWASAKI  (Director of Museum, and CEO Maruiei co.,Ltd) 
Location: “Siorian” Museum of Kimono & A Kyoto Residence (Sanjo-Sinmach, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto )
Access: Karasuma-line, Subway
”Karasuma-Oike” Station, exit No.6. 10 minutes walk
This is a residence designed by Dr.Takeda Goich who was the architect and professor who founded the Department of Architecture at Kyoto University. The residence was built in 1926 as the guest-house of a Kimono marchant, using the finest materials and techniques. It contains beautiful examples of tatami-rooms, salons and tea rooms, and show the elegant style in which Kyoto's high class gentleman used to live. in it.
At present, the owner company "Maruei" have turned it into the museum in order to exhibit Kimono and to preserve an example ofa traditional Kyoto residence.
We will receive a lecture from Mr.Kawasaki, the owner and president of "Maruei" , who grew up in the residence.


Adult: \3,000 membership fee +\3,000 annual fee + \3,000 per seminar
Student: \1,500 membership fee +\1,500 annual fee + \1,500 per seminar
Family: \1,500 membership fee +\2,500 annual fee + \1,500 per seminar
(non-members \5,000 per seminar)

Generally held on the third Thursday of the month Reservation: 2days in advance.
Content and Themes: Culture, Arts, Crafts, Museums
(Subjects: Pottery, Tapestry, Lacquer, Metal, Paper, Wood, Food, Sweets, Residences, etc.)
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1984     Earned a Master degree of Engineering (Architecture) at Weseda University
1984〜1996 S.Uchii Architect & Associates (Architect Office) (Tokyo),
1996〜1998 The Foundation of the 1200th Anniversary of Kyoto Capital, Planning councilor
1998〜2003 Ikenobo Junior College, Architecture & Interior Course, Associate Professor (Kyoto)
2004〜   Lecturers of Kyoto Seika Uni. and Kyoto Architect Professional School
       "The Philosophy of Japanese Traditional Architectures"

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